Galerie Mariam D'Art

Galerie Mariam D’Art is a community initiative and a house of Art located in Montreal. Stop by to take a quick glance at the wide collection of Art, paintings, reproductions, prints, printing, resizing, framing, mirrors, and art classes, available all year round.

Gallery Art Shop

Visit our online store to view a wide variety of original paintings, oil painting reproductions, prints, Posters, ready-made frames, photo frames and mirrors. The store is regularly updated for its selection of originals, reproductions, and frames.

Professional Framing

Mariam Gallery offers one of the finest framing services with a selection choice from a wide range of unique ready-made, and custom frames. Take a look at the variety offered.

Art Classes

The Gallery hosts Art Classes for all age groups (4-99). The main focus is on painting, drawing and digital arts, but clay crafting, handicrafts, French, English, and Arabic language courses are also available. Whether you have a child who is enthusiastic about art or you are yourself, this is the place for you.

Meet Fadi and Heyam

Fadi and Heyam are the founders of Galerie Mariam D’Art, a one-stop shop for exquisite art retail, framing, printing, resizing and artistic talent development for all ages.

Our Services

Gallery Art Store

The gallery displays and sells original paintings of several talented artists from different nationalities and oil painting reproductions. The artwork displayed varies in mediums: Oil, charcoal, watercolor, and more. In addition, the gallery has collections of posters and prints on canvas and papers on a variety of themes. (Al added something nice here)

Custom Framing

The gallery provides framing services that cater to all tastes. Frames can be handmade, ready-made, photo frames, and /or customized for special purposes. Moreover, we offer matting and different artistic ideas for multi-purposes.

Custom Printing & Resizing

We offer printing on canvas services in any size, we just need your photo in a high resolution (minimum 300 dpi) and you can get it printed and stretched on wood in a high-quality canvas and reasonable prices.

Art Classes

The gallery offers art classes for all ages ranging from 4 to 90+. We offer an inspiring environment for our customers to practice their creativity and develop their artistic skills under professional coaching and supervision.

We promote art as a means for self-development, therapy, and life skills enhancement by providing guidance to new artists of all age groups.


Gallery Art Shop

Take your pick from a wide assortment of original paintings, oil painting reproductions, prints, Posters, ready-made frames, photo frames, and mirrors. Simply go through the shop section, choose your desired product, and proceed to checkout to be picked up, or delivered. The store is regularly updated for its section of Originals and other items.

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Gallery Events and Workshops

Currently Showing

Christmas Workshop

See our interactive Christmas Workshop. We’d love to have you over for the next one.


Halloween Workshop

Our artists and animators at Halloween workshops


Order your Personalised painting

Paintings are done by a professional artist and are ready for your personalized orders. You can expect a punctual, professional, and personalized gift for a reasonable price

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