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Art Boutique Montreal

Since 1993

The home for art enthusiasts!

Discover your art store and art school in Montreal.

Art Boutique Montreal

Original Paintings

From Jordan to Montreal:
Galerie D'Art Mariam and its artistic legacy

In 1993, in Amman, Jordan, we opened a small shop, "Galerie D'Art Mariam for Paintings and Frames," where we sold paintings and frames, building a reputation for honesty, reliability, and professionalism under the leadership of Fadi, becoming one of the country's leading galleries offering personalized service to our individual and commercial clients, including the Jordanian Royal family.

Thanks to Heyam's initiative, the "Mariam Center for Arts and Crafts" was born in Jordan, becoming the go-to place in Jordan for arts and crafts training for thousands of students of all ages in just 8 years. The Mariam Center quickly began collaborating with non-governmental organizations for Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan, providing them with a means of expression and training to develop their art and craft skills under extremely challenging conditions.

We were also later inspired to offer custom courses for children with special needs and cancer patients as therapy.

In 2016, Fadi (Syrian) and Heyam (Jordanian) decided to immigrate to Canada after facing visa difficulties and restrictions in Jordan for their three Syrian children, aiming for a better future.

Discover the magic of original paintings in Montreal through Galerie D'Art Mariam!

Custom Framing Montreal

What We Offer

Discover the magic of original paintings in Montreal through Galerie D'Art Mariam!

Premium Products

We only offer premium products in our art gallery.

References Available

You have the opportunity to reference your artworks with us.

Courses for Everyone

We welcome art enthusiasts and painters of all skill levels.

Galerie D'Art Mariam:
Your Destination for Original Art in Montreal

Filled with hope, we embarked on a new chapter of our lives in Montreal on June 19, 2017, leveraging our experiences and skills to start an exciting new life in Canada.

After two years of settling into our new home in Canada, we decided to open a similar business in Montreal.

On June 13, 2019, we obtained permission to open "Galerie D'Art Mariam," combining Fadi's gallery (paintings and frames) and Heyam's art center, where we also offer resizing and canvas printing services.

Our passion for arts and crafts will be our motivation to serve our new customers to the best of our abilities.

Custom Prints Montreal

Customized paintings

Original paintings are showcased in our store.

Custom Printing Montreal
Art Boutique Montreal
Art Boutique Montreal
Custom Framing Montreal
Art Boutique Montreal
Custom Prints Montreal

Our Vision :
is to become a unique art gallery offering exquisite works and professional guidance.

To become a unique gallery for the retail of exquisite artworks, professional framing, and the development of artistic talents to enhance creativity and enrich people's lives through positive learning experiences.

Our Goals :

  • Revive the desire to acquire paintings
  • Provide personalized artisan framing services to our individual and corporate clients to enhance and value their artworks
  • Offer an inspiring environment for our clients to unleash their creativity and develop their artistic skills under professional supervision and coaching
  • Promote art as a means of personal development, therapy, and improvement of daily life skills by guiding new artists of all age groups.
Custom Framing Montreal

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